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A few times a week I cannot sleep at all due to digestive disruptions.
Often when it happens, my left leg feels uncomfortable and I need to move the leg around. Its like a pins and needles feeling.

If I eat certain foods like Mince Meat, I get bloated from excessive gas buildup, and I cannot sleep at all until the last hour in the morning. Sometimes charcoal capsules can decrease the gas.

If I am constipated, I also cannot sleep. My stomach feels uncomfortable and feel slight pains, which cause me not to sleep.

The only way I can sleep is if I take laxatives (senna), I then fall asleep within 30 minutes. But this isnt ideal because I dont like going to the toilet 5 times the next days, and I dont like having a movement on the way to work, its painful and can make me constipated the next day if I miss a movement.

Ive increased my fiber intake by taking Metamucil in the morning before breakfast and I drink more water (this helps considerably), and eat better (avoid process meat and hot chips) but on occasion I still get the twitchy leg and have a sleepless night due to too much gas and/or excess wastage causing the bloating.

1) Is there anything I can take to avoid the sleeplessness? I tried taking pain killers but they have no effect. I really dont want to use sleeping pills. Perhaps there is a natural herb or something? Or a traditional Chinese solution? Maybe magnesium pills or something can help?

2) How does a digestive disruption stop me from falling asleep? Is it the nerves near the intestines that are being pushed by the bloating (as a result causing my left leg to twitch)?


ok ive just done some googling and found this interesting article:

It says that taking clay with water can remove toxins and bad bacteria, relieve constipation, and cure digestive sleep disorders.
It also says you can use Vitamin C and phylium to flush out your system.

Has anyone here tried this?

Looks like the clay may do the trick :)
(may have answered my own question lol)

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