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i dont eat much but when i do i blote really badly is there anyway to stop bloating



Sounds like you are having indigestion problems.  You may be constipated.  Under normal conditions you should have a least 1 bowel movement a day and you can have more (actually you should have 1 for each meal you eat)  If you haven't been eating the right foods for some time this will cause bloating and gas.  For immediate relief you can take and over the counter gas reliever and a laxative if you want.  However, you need to eat healthy foods to maintain a healthy gut.  I would start with a reasonable breakfast of oatmeal which supplies soluble and insoluble fiber which sounds like what you need.  Have some fruit with this and for more protein add an medium boiled egg.  This sould help clear out your digestion tract.  The other thing you can do is get a cleanse supplement and do a detox for the gut and whole body.