Hi I'm a 32 yr old female. I'm having trouble sleeping for years now. I am pretty heavy but due to the way work schedules are I am frequently observed while sleeping. I don't snore, stop breathing or kick. I pay attention to my sleep hygiene. There are periods of time or days where I sleep fantastic and there does seem to be some kind of cyclic component to my problem.

Last night was an average night for me the majority of the time. Bed time came and I was awake and restless and could not convince myself to lay down for sleep. So I went and laid down with a book. It's a pretty reliable sleeping aid if my mind will not quiet down. I read about 100 pages, about an hour and finished the book. I got up to pee and prepared to sleep for good and just kinda wondered around for 15 minutes. Tried to sleep but was wide awake could not even keep eyes closed despite at this point feeling sleepy. After another hour I woke up and wandered around the house another 30 minutes. Laid back down. Fell asleep for a couple hours and then woke up and just laid there for about another 30 minutes. Fell asleep and then 2 hours later felt wide awake and restless and could not stay in bed. Waking well before my alarm.


Even when I am asleep for the couple of hours; I am conscious of it being a light sleep. My blankets annoy me, my arm touching me is annoying or I'm aware of a wrinkle in the sheet. I get "bored" of a position and so toss and turn a bit. When I wake up I'm groggy and it takes me an hour to feel better. But all day I am tired and I have a headache and napping seems very attractive even though I don't.


I've gone to the dr for meds. Some meds like serequel and risperdol make me feel relaxed and somewhat refreshed but I get very tolerant. Some which are supposed to make you sleep like ambian or lunesta do nothing at all and some like trazadone make me groggy but still unrefreshed at all. Other ones like benadryl  for example may help me goto sleep or stay asleep but I wake up not only unrefreshed but also feeling unrested at all. A month of these types of medicine is enough for me to suffer severe sleep deprivation.


For 2 years now I take nothing but melatonin. Generally I have a good mood and I get lots done. But I am so sleepy, tired, groggy, unrefreshed, cant listen to videos or read. I have to force myself to do everything.


At this point I'm unsure what my next move should be??