Hello, I'm not sure how to explain myself, but there are times where I'm not able to sleep for a few days. I would say it happens once a month for about 3-4 days. I should add I'm on the birth control pills. I've done tons of encounters on the internet as to what the problem is but they all lead to sleep paralysis. As I'm laying down to sleep, I'm not able to fall down asleep due to feeling some sort of numbness/pain/heaviness. Its hard to explain since its not a cramp, and its not that tingly sensation you get after your arms fall asleep. Its always on the arms, I may be tired but not even for the life in me I'm able to sleep. I try to shake it off but that feeling doesn't go away, even when I give up and try to stay awake, the feeling is still there but it's a less severe feeling. I thought it was a side effect of the pill, but since its has happened again, maybe it couldn't be. I'm really worried as to why this is, and when I try to find the answer, sleep paralysis isn't satisfying knowing I'm wide awake having difficulty trying to sleep. This time it has gotten worse due to the fact that last time since I was so tired I was able to fall asleep the next night but this time its just non-stop sleep. It would be really appreciated if someone can come up with something, since its seems like a "rare" case. I should add I'm an 18 year old female if that can help in anything.