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I'm 13 years old and i have the worst time at falling asleep. I know i seem crazy but i get scared in the dark because I have seen TOO many horror films since i was 9. Anyways I can't fall asleep unless i'm exhausted and it is 2am. When I go to lay down I think about anything and everything that has been going on. And I always will get 7-9 hours of sleep, but I'm always tired throughout the day. And I get bored easily (I hear that's a symptom of insomia) And lately I have been wondering if I have it?


hmmmm I don't think you have isnomia , but I do think you need to start going to bed wayyy  earlier, if it takes you a long time then you should go to be an hour and a half earlier.

Tips to fall asleep:

drink tea before bed

don't look at electronics before bed

don't watch horror movies

get a night light since you are afraid of the dark( i have this same problem:-D )

Take a warm bubble bath( it calms people down)

write all your thoughts on a note pad before bed( then tell yourself that it will be okay and that you can forget it until tommorow)

7-9 HOURS is normal for a teenager , sooo dont worry

Also, being bored easily  is NOT A SYMPTOM OF INSOMIA ( that is a different condition) trust me if being bored was isomia then a  lot more of the population would have it......





I am not sure about the insomia thing but with the sleep issues, here are some tips;
-During the day, get active to wear your self out so your tired at the end of the day
-Get a night light, or even just keep the door open, to help with the scary film stuff
-Stare at the wall, for some reason it relaxes me?
-Turn off your phone and any other distractions
-Maybe listen to calming music
-Make sure your comfortable, even though this seems ovbious, it can save you from moving during the night
-Have a glass of milk, tea or water before you go to sleep
-Dont eat anything before you go to sleep (maybe a hour before)
-Have a book near by your bed, so you can read if you cant sleep as it can be relaxing
Hope this helps!


you literally took everything I just wrote before you and said it , but good adivce :)