Lately my son has been waking up several times in the night due to his teething so we go in and console him which usually takes a while since he doesnt want to be put back down for at least half an hour, last night was no different. I changed him and fed him a bottle, then tried to lay him down when i thought he was ready. He began crying after a bit so i went back in there to calm him again. This is when it got weird. He wouldnt calm down at all and at one point just got louder than normal with his cries then suddenly stopped. It was pitch black in his room so i thought he was calming down getting sleepy. when i layed him down his eyes were wide open and he was kind of blank of expression, didnt make any noise when i laid him down. it weirded me out. so i went back into our room and talked to my wife about it and after a while longer i went to go check and see if he was asleep cuz usually he makes noise while he is falling asleep, but he wasnt. When i got in there he was still wide eyed and looking around but calm and expressionless, at first i didnt think he was breathing, so i picked him up and he finally made some noise, but still not the same reaction as if we were to pick him up normally. normally he would get excited about us picking him up. So i laid him back down and she went in to check him and she was worried as was I. a little while later she picked him up and gave him a bear, to which he finally got excited about and was happy. This morning he seems back to normal from what i can tell. Im just wondering what could have caused this spaced out completely calm state to come over him so suddenly, it scared me terrible cuz i thought something was really wrong with him, and im still uneasy about it. if you have any idea please let me know.