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Hi. I'm 55 year old male and until this happened I have considered my self to be one very healthy person. Not any more.
About two weeks ago I started to feel strong pains in my right upper abdomen, the place where, I think, liver is located. Pains are sharp and located just underneath my right rib arc.
I become very frightened because lately I have heard a lot of things about liver cancer and some other stuff about cirrhosis.
I must say that I don’t drink a lot of alcohol and that this couldn’t be the reason.
What you are suggestion for me to do?


There are several things that can cause pain in that region you have described. Pain doesn’t have to be connected with the liver at all. The pain may be related to the cartilage between the ribs.
I don’t know did you heard about this but abdominal pain is one of the most frequent complaints of Hepatitis C patients.
Also, I don’t know how much alcohol you consider to be enough to develop cirrhosis. At least 80% of all liver disease is caused by too much booze.
Alcohol causes fat to build up in the liver making it swell and killing off healthy cells called hepatocites.
Some drugs can also cause liver failure very quickly such as paracetemol overdose and similar. I don’t think that cancer is the cause because they very rarely start primary in liver.
Contact your gastrologist imidiately and spare your self from a stress.