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Hello, my friends. I had a close contact with poison ivy and at the time, everything seemed all right, but now my skin got swollen and all red in that area. I am afraid I developed cellulitis and I really don’t know what to do. Can someone tell me how to treat it? Should I go to the doctor’s office?


Hi there tadd2049,

Of course that you need to go and see with your doctor what is really going on. If you have been experiencing consequences of poison ivy before and you have managed to healed it successfully that it would be normal to repeat the same action. But if you have additional complications it can happen that you have developed cellulitis from the poison ivy. There are certain bugs and insects which can carry over the bacteria which is responsible for causing this condition.

And if you have been itching your skin after contact with poison ivy you could make small cracks on your skin and the bacteria could enter through them. So it would be wise to visit your doctor to find out what is going on.