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I thought I could possibly have prickley heat I will take a cold shower and feel better. It started about two months ago. I have small bumps and rashing on arms and shoulders. When I get warm it itches and turns red. I feel like I have bugs crawling on me also. It is also on my chest this just started when I moved from ILlinois to Florida diffrent climate. I feel as though I have sharp little pains too.



There are a couple of possibilities since I can't see what your skin looks like.  It's possible you came in contact with poison ivy or equivalent and you're having a reaction to it.  Now, if you scratch this and touch another part of your body you have spread the agent that causes the itching which is an oil.   Generally, when you put say your arm in warm water, the itching will go away if you have poison ivy and I know that from experience.There are OTC meds for poison ivy.  Just go to the pharmacy and talk with the pharmacist if you need help.  Another possibility is that you have mites or chiggers.  If so, they have imbedded in your skin.  There are OTC products for that as well at the pharmacy.  If you have an allergic response, try benedryl cream OTC on a spot and see if that works.  Good luck!