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I have a rash all over my body with what looks like little pimples on my scrotum. ive noticed it a couple of weeks now and im itchy all over any ideas to what this could be?



You might have come in contact with poison ivy because your symptoms somewhat describe an allergic response to poison ivy.  You can go to the pharmacy and get an over the counter anti-itch and anti-inflammatory cream to put on your skin.  Don't scratch it.  If you touch it you can transfer it over to other parts of your body.  At any rate make sure you get some anti-itch cream so you won't scratch it.  For immediate relief you can take a hot shower and see if that relieves some of the itching for a while until you can get some cream.  As far as the scrotum is concerned you probably just have some ingrown hairs and that's pretty common.  Try washing the area with warm water and soap to allow the hairs to come through the skin.