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Hi. I am diagnosed with cellulitis which is in fact skin infection. I was wondering if this condition is dangerous or not. I am afraid it can affect deeper layers of skin or even enter the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels and spread through the organism. Would you agree with me?


Hello there,

Well cellulitis can be dangerous skin infection which is caused by the bacteria. It can spread easily to the other parts of the body and the most common signs of it are red, swollen and tender skin. Cellulitis usually appears on the legs but it can appear anywhere on the body as well.

And unfortunately you are not worried without a reason because this infection can spread to the deeper layers of the skin such as your lymph nodes and bloodstream.  

It is very important to treat this infection because if it is left untreated it can be very dangerous and it can lead to the death. But I presume that you are under therapy since you have been diagnosed with this condition.