Hey guys,
About 2 weeks ago i got poison ivy on my arm that stayed concentrated there for about a week. This also made the lymph node in my neck on my left side swell to about an inch in length. After which, probably due to lack of hygiene and shower at the bonnaroo music festival, it spread all over my legs arms and stomach. My bottom left eye lid also started to swell up slightly. When i returned, (4 days ago) the derm gave me a steroid shot as well as some spray for problem spots. Now the bumps have mostly gone, I am not at all itchy, and everything is seemingly back to normal. Everything, that is, except for my bottom eyelid, which has become very red and puffy, and the lymph node(still the same size). does anyone have any experience with these steroid shots and how long my eye should be swollen? its quite painful and hurts even to blink. Thank you so much for the help!