This guy I've been messing around with for the last 2 years spent Christmas night with me. We have never used protection in the last 2 years. And we did have sex Christmas night. I AM on the pill, but I forgot to take it that night, and did not take it until late afternoon the next day, and this was my last pill before the week of my period. He has told me a lot in the last few months that he wants to try for a baby. I'm just wondering If I could be. I had my tonsils removed ( I am 19 by the way) 2 days after we had sex. My period came and went, but stopped faster than normal when I started my new pack of pills. But now I am having gaseous stomach no matter what I eat. It is bad enough that I am almost in tears because of my stomach bothering me. I am feeling the urge to eat more than i normally do, and am feeling hungry more often than not. I have had some discharge in the last 2-3 weeks, slightly more than usual. My breasts have been itching a lot in the last few weeks as well. What are the odds of my being pregnant? Could it just have to do with the fact that I had surgery 2 days afterwards and then started my period two days after surgery?