I unfortunatly have asthma. It is enviromentally induced because i have a cat. (i know, but no)...anyway, i have used Albuteral for a long time usually a puff in the morning and one at night. I would wake up every morning wheezing and scratching around for the canister in my night stand.
I got so tired of this that i tried different meds OTC. I heard that Zyrtec was now available with out a script, so i tried it. I have not used my inhaler since January 8, until 2 days ago.
I contracted a pretty good chest cold accompanied by a loose cough. I have noticed that i get to wheezing again after a fierce coughing spell and have to hit the inhaler. It takes affect right away.
I was wondering if the cold and the coughing triggered my asthma again. I don't want to do the inhaler thing all the time The Zyrtec works so well for me. Every 24 hours i take 1 pill and it lasts all the way until the next dose. So...is my asthma acting up again because i am sick? And will it go back to normal after my cold is over?