Hi there, I was abroad on holiday last week and had alot of alcohol, and one night I had a funny spell where I couldnt breath, my chest was palpitating like mad and my eyes felt tight and out of focus, and I feel confused and out of sorts like im doing things but am not concentrated on them. 5 days later now I still have this. Have not been able to sleep for more than a few hours and my raxing heart wakes me up. Went to a and e last night as I woke up unable to breath with chest pain, feeling weak and arms weak. Paramedics said heart beat was fine (althiugh i was worrying loads before as i had a heartbeat app that looked irregular). Took me to hospital had the thing where they put the things on your chest and arms and was fine. Had a chest x ray and was fine ans they said they think it is a chest infection as have a cough too. Im unconvinced though, could all those tests rule out heart damage even though i had no blood test? Chest x ray would point out atrial fibiration right? What about blood clots? My veins look quite blue which is scary. Please help as i am scared i will die in my sleep or be like this forever. Thanks