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Whether you are on a diet and just trying to eat healthier or you have a compulsive overeating problem, curbing your appetite can be quite a challenge. There are some things you can do to stop the excess calories from entering into your digestive system.
Compulsive eating is difficult for some of us to handle. As our stress levels rise, the amounts we eat rise, too. If you struggle with compulsive eating disorder, know that there are some things you can do to end this brutal cycle. Don’t feel embarrassed or alone, you should realize that this is a common condition but there is help available.

13.    Don’t eat portions that are larger than the palm of your hand.

If it is larger than that, it is too big and considered overeating.

14.    Eat from a plate or a bowl.

Don’t munch out of the bag, drink from a carton, or snack from a box. This will lead to overeating because you don’t measure what you intake this way.

15. Always allow for 30 minutes between your last bite of dinner and the dessert.

This gives your belly time to get the fullness signal to your brain. By the time half an hour rolls around, you may pass on the sweet stuff altogether.

16. Have a healthy snack a couple of hours before you go out to eat.

This will keep you from munching on bread or feasting on appetizers before the meal arrives.

17. Whenever you feel the first signs of fullness, have your plate removed from the table or cover it with a napkin if you’re dining out.

If you are at home, set it aside and move on to coffee. This is your brain telling you that food time is over.

18. Always dine to soothing music instead of the TV set.

This will allow you to eat slower and your meal will be enjoyed and savored. You will find that you eat less and feel fuller when the meal is over.

19. If snacks are a must, buy the kinds that are pre-packaged in 100 calorie portions.

This will make it easier to control what you eat and you will know just how much you’ve splurged on.

20. Don’t talk with food in your mouth.

Put your fork down, chew, and then swallow your food before you speak. This will force you to slow your mealtimes down, thus allowing your belly to get full and satisfied.

21. Avoid restrictive diets and fad diets.

These will lead to cravings and binges. Just eat less and eat healthier. This way you don’t deprive your body and you can watch the pounds melt off.

22. Only cook what you are going to eat and scrape all leftovers in the dog bowl or the trash.

Make this a ritual at mealtimes.

23. Keep a food diary.

You will be surprised what it reveals about your eating habits. Seeing all that you have ate will remind you the next day to watch what you put in your mouth and will help you control your overeating.

24. Limit artificial sweeteners and foods that are made with them.

Research has found that consuming these products leads to overeating and cravings for sugar.

25. Set a timer for around fifteen minutes every time you think you are hungry.

When it rings, if you still feel hungry, get a healthy snack. You will be surprised how your cravings can die down with a little bit of time.