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chest pain in the esophogus when and after eating but endoscopy result is normal please tell me some medicine to cure this problem ,but iam eat akt 4 kits since last 2 monthes ,sir iam so poor so i cant go to doctor please treatme as well


Hello aniket... so sorry to hear of your situation.  Did the doctors not offer any explanation as to why you get chest pain in the esophagus when and after eating?  I think you are having esophageal spasms.  These can be treated by nitroglycerin under the tongue, calcium channel blockers, trazone, or nortriptyline to reduce symptoms.  Can you find a clinic that can offer cheap medication and treatment so that you can have relief from this?  I hope you are able to find the help you need.

Are there any forum readers that suffer from esophageal spasms that have similar symptoms?