Hi there people I am a 44 yr old male who has been a very active ,fit ,physical,person all of my life and for the last 14 months I have been to hospital 14 times with chest pains ,pains running up and down my arm ,tightness in my left forearm,pains running from chest to back ,Tingling in face,tightness in lips during chest pains aswell ,sweats during these episodes,had blury vision at times ,each time I ended up in hospital wether it be by ambulance or just walking in all tests came back fine ,I even stayed in 3 times for 4 days with a number of tests plus 2 stress tests ordered by my cardiologist I ended up seeing , I had exrays on chest lungs with a hot bio plus nucular gas aswell all came back perfect and was told I was either dreaming or it's just stress related and a form of anxiety hypotension ..I was put on cardia tablets they did nothing only made me worse ..so I stopped ..after about 6-8 months of having the chest pains I started to get very liteheaded everyday soon as I woke up then about 2 months later I started to have this horrible taste in my mouth I still have it it's like chewing rock salt the hospital knew this also months ago not doing tests for that either ..I went to my dr again and he sent me to go and have my blood sugar taken 7 weeks ago with a level of 6 as the end result , my dr said 12 months ago it was 4.8 in the hospital tests 9months ago they showed a level of 6.5 not that they told me that, my dr got results sent to him later on he said to try to get it back in the 5s so I tried everything but it's stayed on the 6 ,I seen his partner when my normal dr was on a day off he ordered me to do a 2 hr blood test where I have a fasting blood test then have glucose and they take 2-3 more every hr after ..well I went to get my results today and it came back I have diabetes ...my own dr says that's probably the cause of the liteheadedness and crappy taste in my mouth and upon reading these forums looking for info and asking a lot of questions with hospital drs I have come to the conclusion they are not fit to be in the medical world if it's too hard too see what I searched and asked could it be hypoglycemia or maybe this and all I got back was a laugh and nah your over reacting don't read things on the Internet , my health is important to me and I think it's about time these fools did more tests than just 1 and say ya just got anxiety ..maybe they need to go spend 6 yrs searching these forums and they can do what I asked 6 months ago and I would of been well on my way to recovering from my symptoms I had asked about numerous times being laughed off with yah dreaming ..so if you have chest pains feel liteheaded puffed have a crappy taste in ya mouth like salt and all your tests come back fine get the 2 hr blood glucose test you maybe surprised ..it's these sites I searched and put 2 and 2 together knowing I wasn't dreaming I know my body and I know when something not right so don't let these idiots say ya dreaming or it's anxiety I only found out today by looking up another diabetes site all my symptoms are from diabetes ...hope this may help someone who is experiencing the same as I have with no outcome ..here's to getting better and getting my life back ..