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For 2 years now on and off I have had problems with chest oain. Sometimes severe at times and have been rushed to the hospital. Heart tests come back clear as a whistle. One doctor a year ago saw a Hiatel Hernia that was slightly enlarged, and said that could have caused the pain. Well 2 years later Im still feeling horrible pains especially after eating. I have Barret's Esophagus, but not cancerous. Recently had and endoscopy and they could not see a hernia? Can it just vanish? Anyway pains have become more often and The doc 2morrow is going to test my Gull Bladder. I don't understand what could be happening. He said I don't have a hernia and it would be very rare to have a sliding Hiatel hernia that gives me these problems. Everything seems to reside and calm after using the bathroom. Just become sore in the chest area. Oh yeah and stress, makes it worse. Can anyone offer any advice?


i had the same problem, pains in my arm, chest and back..i went to the ER and everything came back clear.. they put me on acid reflux medicines and the pain went away. i bet you have GERD(acid reflux)..