I had a Cholecystectomy in November 2016. My advice is NOT to have the gallbladder removed unless absolutely necessary! Doctors think we have parts we don't need, bah hum bug! Since having my gallbladder out I have had so many problems. I am currently going through discussions and testing (oh so much testing), as to what is wrong with my GI since cholecystectomy. Question: Why when I take dilaudid, tramadol, flexeril and I believe relafen does my body go into fits of extreme pain, sweats, difficulty breathing, vomiting, light headedness, fainting, pain in the lower right side of the abdomen and up through the chest from shoulder to shoulder? I went to the emergency room, blood tests AST, ALT are off the page, glucose, potassium and neutrophil are all high, lymphocyte % low? Please help! ~Monique