This is regarding my husband. For years my husband has been having abdominal pain on the right side with diarreha or frequent bowel movement. He recently told me that there is some blood in the stool. Sometimes this happens when he doesn't eat for long periods of time. Sometimes this happens when he eats way too much. Sometimes if he eats the wrong combination of foods he gets sick. Any little thing can cause the stomach pains. Sometimes if he eats his pain goes away faster. He has been through a few colonoscopies, endoscopies, tons of sonograms and a Upper GI Tract endoscopy six years ago and the doctor has found absolutely nothing. Recently he started having the symptoms and the doctor reccommended another Upper GI Tract endoscopy next month. I truly don't like this doctor because eight months ago my husband had a kidney stone and when he went to this doctor the doctor didn't catch it and after the doctor's appointment he started having pain again and we ended up in the hospital where he was diagnosed and treated. I don't know how long he's been going to this doctor but everytime he mentions to the doctor the stomach pains and the doctor orders these tests and finds nothing wrong. I have even mentioned to my husband to ask the doctor to test for Gluten and Dairy Intolerance. I don't know but it seems that any combination of food causes a stomach problem. I have a so-called friend who was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance after spending a year having diarreha and vomiting everytime she ate and the only reason she was diagnosed was because of a "dedicated" doctor who tested her for this. I"m frustrated because my husband and I recently got married and we want to have children in the next few years. My husband is completely frustrated and personally I think this doctor is trying to give him a runaround.