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I am a healthy 26 year old female who has been suffering for over 6 months with chronic diarrhea. I also have developed excessive underarm sweating for the past 3 months. I had a colonoscopy, MRI, and bloodwork to rule out chrones disease, IBD, Malabsorption, and parasites and C-diff. I am at my wits end..

My doctor has given me the end all diagnosis of IBS however, with the addition of the underarm sweating I am feeling like there could be something going on. This came on quickly and I have not had a normal bowel movement in 6 months. I have excess gas that will not pass and have also had accidents which has made me very uncomfortable with going out.

I am unsure of what kind of doctor to go to at this point or what could be going on.


I realize this post is a bit old, so you may have resolved your issues, but I would look into possible food alleriges and/or candida overgrowth. If you can find a good naturopath or integrative MD, they can test you for these. Either would cause the symptoms you have mentioned, as I know from personal experience. You can easily enough read up on candida on your own and try the diet, or try cutting out some common allergens from your diet for a month or two to see if this helps. I would first try milk products, gluten and soy, as these are the most common culprits. Then look to other foods you consume frequently and/or have cravings for. Hope this helps!