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I have been sick for 8 months now. First, it was a bacteria infection which was treated with antibiotics. Too many antibiotics led to C-Diff. Ever since then, I havent been the same. Ive had MANY MANY tests done, and they found MILD inflammation in my large intestine. They didnt give me medicine at the time (July), because my antibiotics should take care of it. After I eat, I feel VERY full, even if its just a snack. My right side also seems to swell, and become hard. Nausea has yet to go away, I have no appetite, and within the last week I've had new symptoms come up: Swollen Lypmh nodes in groin, and VERY tender breasts. I just got off my period last week, so I know im not about to start. Its just one thing after another, and dr's cant find anything! Im taking medicine for the inflammation (pentasa), and I honestly feel worse. Please, does ANYONE have any suggestions?? Im running out of answers...Im desperate.


Hi MaeganRachelle,

i have also been ill for the past 3 months and had SEVERAL tests done including endoscope, colonoscopy, barium swallow, radioisotope testing for gallbladder, blood tests, stool tests and all they could see was a mild inflammation in my colon near the rectum and basically classified as ulcertive collitis. I did 30 days of enemas ASA and took 15mg of Prevacid daily. I did not feel any better after the 30 days of enemas except it did help with the diarrhea. My symptoms include constant nausea, pain (cramps) various locations of my belly area, extreme fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, weight loss of 50lbs, joint pain. I just recently saw a gastro specialist and he doesn't believe that i have collitis rather proctitis which is inflammation of the rectum. He prescribed 30 days of Cortenema with steroids and 30mg of Prevacid 2X daily to heal my stomach. I have such a hard time eating, sometimes the smell itself can turn me off. The new enemas and the Prevacid seem to be working...they are checking me for C-Dif as well. I would suggest you get referred to a gastro specialist if you have not seen one yet...he is responsible and knowledgable from the throat to the rectum...and it seems the majority of your symptoms fall within this category. I am also faced with "we don't know what's wrong with you". It is frustrating and depressing...i just want to feel well enough to go back to work. hope this helps a little.