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I had posted a question before about how to clean my rectum, or with what, before anal sex, so that no accidents happen when we are in the act.

I read an article on line about using dry enema to clean it out. Im not sure how this works, but it said its less messy then a water based enema.

I don even know what an enema is, looks like, or what, i just know that it will help me clean out my rectum. Has anyone used enema before? where did you get it? and how did you use it? Im kind of scared to put something in my butt by myself! Can anyone help me please!

Where can I buy Enema?



You want to try anal sex and you want to be prepared for every scenario. I hope that you are aware of the risks and that you will took good care of yourself.

Dry enema is technique for cleansing the rectum. This can be done for various reasons and in your case for sexual hygiene. It works by injecting a small amount of sterile lubricant into the rectum and this is done with a disposable syringe. The result is a quick bowel movement. The difference between dry and wet enemas is that dry enemas aren't as messy as wet enemas.

I hope that this was helpful and I will repeat myself to take care of yourself and use a condom for your own protection.