I have my surgery scheduled in 2 weeks but still not sure this is the answer as I feel my Gastro guy is not that good. If you don't ask questions he doesn't give you any insight.


Severe gas, severe burping, pain on right chest as well as center of chest, feeling of pain in back & shoulders, right abdomen, almost feeling like pressure on heart, palpitations, cold & hot sweats, taste of bile in my burps, bloating, pressure on stomach, restless sleeping. Random painful doubling over attacks about twice a year...none lasting past 5 hours...but it felt like 5 days.

Ok..had all the tests...Cat Scan, hida scan. ultra sound, endoscopy..colonoscopy, and none conclusively pointed to GB, but Gastro & Surgeon (they are paid to tell you that you need surgery) said nothing showed a bad GB, my Gastro guy admitted he failed to ask for the contrast on hida, so I have an unknown ejection factor, my stomach was redder than normal (endoscopy), been on acid reflux meds for years. But tests did show stones of unknown size..which to them is an automatic surgery.

I have read good stories about surgery & recovery (minority) but mostly hear about the bad results, such as permanent chronic diarrhea, return of pains & symptoms, inability to digest fats , etc.

I have lost close to 30 lbs from last attack....but still have a swollen tummy

Very few come back to report how their surgery went & after effects....so I am hoping to hear from some of you. My doc told me not to worry...but I don't want to take something out without guarantee of results, or may cause different problems.


I've heard undigested bile salts inflames varicose veins, hemorrhoids, chronic diarrhea, continued bloating, and can increase chance of colon cancer.

So if you have had yours out for a long time or short time..can you please share. I have to go for surgery pre-testing this week..and I am close to cancelling it all & just suffer.