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I'm a 22 year old female.

Sometimes at night I get really nauseous, cold sweats and then about half an hour later I have diarrhea, more then once unusually. I also get very weak and feel like I'm gonna vomit but without actually vomiting. I get pretty pale. I've tried just laying down but that seems to make it worse which makes it neigh on impossible to try and sleep it away.

From time to time I get lightheaded too, no fever.

I end up pacing or laying on the cold floor for short periods. That seems to help a little, sometimes a hot bath helps. Its very hard to hold still, that seems to make it feel worse.

This generally lasts until like 5am-7am. Depending when I can't stay awake any longer.

I try to eat healthy but I figure some nights its caused by a bad diet binge.I've started up walking/jogging on the treadmill but thats still a new thing so I don'tknow if it will help in the end.

I've seen a doctor and they did blood tests and everything came back clean, so did the allergy tests.They started me up on some stomach meds which have sorta helped, and anti-anxiety meds which have helped.

I saw a GI specialist and they wanted to do a colonoscopy but I can't bring myself to do it.

I can handle the diarrhea, its the nausea that gets me in the end.

Does anyone know what might be causing this or a fix for it? or at least the nausea?


I feel you sister, i have the exact same symptoms.ive done blood tests too and everything,it happens when im anxies but NOT always. Kind of once per month and it lasts for 3 day.what helps me is drinking lemon juice and keep yourself distracted from bed and try to empty your stomac. I only feel better after i go to the toilet the second time(yes i also have diarreha from 1 to 3 times when it happens) once i do my second diarreha,i can sleep..good luck :/


I'm 21 and just had a colonoscopy and a mouth scope at the same time. Honestly, you fall asleep and wake up like 30 minutes later and you don't even know anything just happened. Promise! I'm still in a battle to figure out what's wrong with me. I have a lot of the same symptoms as you plus many more. I've let it go for 7 years because I was terrified of getting a scope done. Trust me. Do not wait. It's easier to fix the sooner you find the problem!