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I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis in 1989 when I turned 40 years old. At times red sore pimples on my torso and legs appear and especially when caffine and certain foods or spices are consumed. My doctor and several other doctors that I have gone to says this is not related to my prosatitis but my experience differs with their opinion and my experience of the continual occurrance of these sores over the years.

If I go for long periods of time with no sexual activity the sores are inevidable dotting my legs and especially near my penis. The leaking of my urinary on my leg is where it is most dominant and testecular pain also increases. If I have regular sexual activity with my wife and stay away from those foods and drinks the sores do not appear.

I have searched the site but maybe I am not using the correct terminology for an answer concerning the sores and their relation, diagnosis or a solution. I would like to know what this problem is and if there is any treatment?



I was looking on the net for answers as to what these bumps are. They range in size from about twice the size of a normal pimple to pertruding half an inch off my body. The one thing that relates me to you, is the long periods with out sexual activity. I just had a baby in December and the entire time i was pregnant, we had sex twice and haven't has sex since she has been born. I had about 35 bumps the first time I got them (about 2 weeks after my daughter was born) and now i get 1-5 at a time and some days I don't have any. I've been embarassed to go to the doctor for it thinking it's just something I'm doing wrong.
Well the reason I replied is that I was wondering if you had any more information about the bumps since your posting.


whoever have this problem please apply betnovate gm ointment on effected area


Can betnovate gm ointment be applied to infants for red sore pimples on their face???


I recently noticed that I had 2-4 pimples on the one side of my torso. Within a day i noticed that i had about 6 on each side. Some of them hurt like a sore but the rest are just there. i don't have them anywhere else and i'm a little confused as to how and why they are there. Any ideas?


A prostatitis patient recovered experience


I was ever been a prostatitis patient for seven years . The prostate expand and pain sharply. My waist pain, dizzy and weak. I had seen many famous doctors in china , had used the microwave, infrared ray scan, acupoint injection , squeeze medicine into anus to cure the disease. But I failed. I had taken many kinds of Chinese herb medicine secret recipe and used many kinds of specific medicine that advertised Chinese medicine from one Chinese prostate hospital medicine every day, it only can relieve my pain ,I wasn't cured. Recently ,I visited a famous prostate disease research institute. (They said that the cure rate is 85%. ) I was aroused by their method. And I used new cured plan which I synthesized seven years experience. By this way ,I was recovered only in one month .All the symptom disappear, and the prostate secretion test wasn't found bacteria. The whole body felt relaxed ,the idea of committing suicide all gone. And I felt the life is so beautiful and valuable. It is said that a prolonged illness makes a doctor of patient. When you have this illness, you can learn from experience, and choose the best cured way. Absorb the good points of the every doctors ,and create the new way. As a recovered patient, I know the pain of prostatitis patient deeply. So I like to share my experience with the cyber acquaintance.

My cure method include seven parts. (It is specialize in chronic prostatitis. The acute prostatitis is very easy to cure, if you eat portalaca olerrcea for ten some days continuously, you can recover.)

  The picture of portalaca olerrcea

Point and whole synthetical balance treatment

1. Eat four kinds of nature product every day . Bee honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis. Building up your health, increasing sexual activity and enhancing immunity ,etc. Increasing the content of zinc element in prostate. I can guide you how to use them together.

2. Use Chinese medicine powder ( involve scolopendra subspinipes mutilans, phellodendron, Chinese schneid, elaphe moellendorffi,etc) Ten kinds of ingredient powder mix a kinds of special vinegar product , external use to cover two acupoints that connect everyday. Prostatitis is so difficult to cure because eating medicine is very difficult permeate prostate. The medicine consistency can’t last for a long time. External use covering acupoints can effect the prostate all the time and maintained high consistency.

3. Take a Chinese herb medicine prescription everyday . This prescription can attack prostate and kill the germ in urinary organ. But the medicine will not sap your vitality. There isn’t side effect. I can provide this prescription.

4. Boil some Chinese medicine , pour into a basin, and sit on the basin’ s medical water for ten minutes before bath every day. So the medicine can kill germ in urethra and scrotum, effect to prostate directly. The medicine won’t be absorbed by intestines and stomach. There is no side effect. I can provide the prescription.

5. Practise Qi Gong (a system of deep breathing exercise) I can guide you to practise . Stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax. Increase immunity, impact the focus. This kinds of Qi Gong is very safe and there is no deviation. But you can’t practise other kinds of QiGong freely , because some kinds of Qi Gong aren’t corresponding to prostatitis.

6.Use K-01 prostate rehabilitator for half an hour when you go to bed every day . K–01 prostate rehabilitator is a help-yourself physiotherapy apparatus which cures BPH . Employing the alternative operation of the high frequency non-thermal effect and magnetic kick. It serves to diminish inflammation, relieve pain, destroy harmful microorganisms, improve local micro-blood circulation and is very effective in curing frequent micuition, urgency of urination, painful urinary stuttering , and dysuria caused by prostatitis. It only need to put it on perineum.

7. No smoking (If you can't stop, try not to smoke so much ). Stop drinking, stop piquancy foods (such as capsicum ,ginger ,garlic, pepper ,etc) , stop eating fried foods, bacon, and flame broiled meat.( because the temperature is about 300 celsius degree, so the protein had been denaturalization , the protein had been hot. If you cook it by water , the temperature will not exceed 100 celsius degree. If you use the micro-wave oven to cook the meat, the temperature will exceed 100 celsius degree too, so it is hot.) Stop eating chanticleer, dog, pig's knuckle, donkey, tortoise ,cow, sheep, ginseng, pilose antler, Equus asinus L,longan,lichee , bamboo shoot,onion,mushroom( mushroom kinds of food will cause prostate swell),areca and all the sea and river animal ( such as fish, tortoise, shrimp, crab, etc). Stop eating all the hot chinese medicine. After you recover, you have to continue to stop eating these food for 3 months, in order to solidify. This is the whole body treatmnet, regard the whole body 's the former feminine and negative, don't eat the food that make against prostatitis recovered. The foods that I suggest you eating is : (1) You can eat meat involve the pig's muscle, heart, kidney, lung, tongue, stomach, the duck, the chicken and hen, egg, the quail, the pigeon, the snake, the cat, milk, animal blood (after boiling). (2)Vegetable: except the leek, the cushaw , the onion , the aubergine ,the bamboo shoot and the garlic , you can eat all the others vegetable.(3) Fruit: except the lichee, the longan, the mango, the durian and the tree pineapple, you can eat all the others fruit.(4)All the corn and the legume foods can be eated. Such as cereals, rice, potato, pasta, sugar and tea can be eaten. But the coffee and chocolate is a little hot.The sea animals can't be eated, but the sea plants can be eated, such as the kelp and the laver can be eated.(5)Bread in particular is cooked at a high temperature by baking, but the bread primary ingredient is amylum , amylum is not easy to change into hot food in high temperature, and the protein is easy change into to hot food in high temperature. If the bread is not very burnt, so you can eat the bread. If the bread is very burnt (such as it it had been black), it will be hot food too. (6) Do some cooking method: when you cook rice, pork, etc, you have to pour water to boil, the water is boil at 100 celsius degree, the temperature won't above 100 celsius degree. If you boil with heavy-fisted boiler, there are so much water in it, although the temperature is above 100 degree, the protein will not change its quality. Protein is easy be burnt in high and dry condition, if the meat turn black and yellow , it must be hot food, such as barbecue chicken. If you stir-fry the pork by plant oil, because the oil is under the pork, the oil can suffer very high temperature and won't change its quality, so the oil protect the pork not to change its quality. Such as you can stir-fry the vegetable with peanut butter . You can make a stew with chicken ,rice and vegetables . The oil can suffer very high temperature and never change it's quality, the amylum take second place suffer temperature, such as you can eat the hamburger (the bread main component is amylum), but if the bread had been baked to black, it will be hot food too. And the protein can't suffer high temperature without water, such as you bake the chicken , the protein is easy change its quality. Peanut oil , olive oil ,canola oil, soybean oil, palm fruit, can be eaten with do some cooking.

The treatment of prostatitis is a difficult problem, in the world .If the patient can do the seven part that I summarized and undergone experience in seven years, the patient can recover in one or two months.

The modern science can fly to space, array gene, but can’t deal with prostatitis. There is a strong membrance wrap up prostate. If the germ infect it ,it is a garden of eden for germ. All the antibiotic can’t kill germ in prostate thoroughly. And the germ is easy to resistant antibiotic. With the science develop, suppose the patient can be freezing to –10 degree for some days , and rise the temperature to bring back the patient to life. The germ had been killed by the low temperature. So it can cure the prostatitis quickly. But now , the prostatitis patients have to use the seven part of Chinese medicine “point and whole symthetical balance treatment” to cure . I think, except the patient who have other serious disease and suffer from general debility, every body can recover . Others BPH (Benign Enlargement of the Prostate) is easier to cure. You can according to the “point and whole synthetically balance treatment”. There is no side effect in the way . I am an English teacher in Gao Zhou Normal College of China .