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Hello All  I'm a 36 y/o male suffering from unexplained chronic hard to describe symptons that resemble random bouts of lightheadedness / faintlike / woosy / imbalance / hungover feeling / sensitity to light (not migraine) / mental fog / feels like someone just pulled the rug from under me and i have to catch myself - lasting just a few seconds at any given time of the day.  The feeling is not dominant, it is rather faint from time to time but because perhaps I anticipate it or look for the feeling it is compounded to some degree a level of anxiety.  I am generally very tired and in my mind I just try to manage and cope by fighting off this feeling and willing myself to try to not think about it and not let these moments define my day but it's just extremely difficult to not think about it.  This has been going on for approx 6 months but the same symptoms have plagued me before in my past (about 6 years ago but has remained dormant for years until 6 months ago).  Here's what I know:  My primary doctor checked me out and doesn't know what it is (blood test normal, thyroid, testosterone etc..) Said I don't fit the mold but gave me wellbrutin in case it's anxiety.  I haven't really taken the wellbutrin regularly since I don't know if that's really what's causing this and I'm generally not an anxious peron but may ultimately add it as a regimen given I'm desperate for some relief.  I'm generally happy but because of what's been going on I've really been feeling very off, sad, not knowing what the future holds and just want to get back to my old self.  Neurologist also said MRI Brain and 72 hour Ambulatory EEG yielded no abnormalities.    Cardiologist and ENT also said everything is fine.  I am generally an allergic person (seasonal allergies, seafood etc) and perhaps it could just be related with allergies despite the common symptons (itchy eyes, runny nose etc.) not manifesting itself right now.  I am taking Zyrtec D even without the symptons in case the antihistamine helps balance me out.    I'm just so lost and wonder if there's any thoughts as to what I could be going through.  Any thoughts are welcomed eventhough I have probably ran through those scenarios myself.  Thanks for listening.  


I have a similar issue - very random and hard to describe. The first time it happened was about an hour after a good breakfast and I was driving. I was so sure I would faint that I pulled over. Then I revived and drove on. It happened twice more inside of an hour, so I went to the emergency department. They took me seriously (overweight 60+years) and thoroughly checked me out but found nothing. It has happened numerous times since, and I went to the hospital once more, but nothing showed up on their tests and machines.

The sensation comes on very suddenly, never while I am lying down - but most often while sitting. It feels like someone pulled the plug or turned down the dimmer switch! A couple of times I've come very close to passing out, enough to be scared. For some reason I feel a "connection" to my upper chest, but no pain.

I have allergy problems, Hep C and some arthritis, but in spite of all that, I'm generally a pretty healthy person, active as I can be and not one to be running to the doctor, especially after two trips to emergency with no results (easy for me, I'm Canadian). It does scare me and after a strong episode I worry for days. I feel that I should stop driving, but fact is, I need to drive for work, so I just pull over at the first sign. Somewhere recently I read that "vasovagal syncope" (fainting as a physical overreaction to something, for example, the sight of blood or emotional distress) can be averted by gasping or panting quickly, and I tried this... it seemed to work, but that might have been coincidental, because these episodes usually pass quickly. I also get dizzy sometimes when I cough, even a small but forceful cough.

I will follow this thread in case anyone else posts. Good luck j2the4339921, hope you can identify your problem.