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I am 25 years old and still a virgin.
I have been suffering from PMS for 2 years and has been getting worse within the past year.
It started off as headaches and generally feeling tired. But now it is really affecting my life, I cannot work from it or socialise.
Within 2 weeks before mentruation i get very lightheaded and cannot even walk around in the shops without feeling like I am going to faint. i get hot flushes and sometimes sweats. I cannot concentrate, even driving is a struggle and I feel like blanking out at the wheel. I cant even keep up in a conversation with someone its really bad.I feel so forgetful and clumsy, sometimes I get shortness of breath.
I recently did a blood test, full blood count, thyroid test everything was normal.
I eat healthy, avoiding white bread etc

I get my periods every 29-35 days... usually feel worse when it comes 35 days, they are not heavy, and they are not painful.

Thank you for reading.


Reading ure post a25, awwww my god's I get exactly same symptoms only on 2 occasions I have actually collapsed. I've had to have loads of blood test etc & even a Brain Scan and everythink seemed fine to the doctors. They gave me Pizotofen tablets as they think I maybe suffering from 24 hr migrane, I have said for apps years that my PMS is severe & my symptoms not unlike yourself is due to my period.

Thing is what to do next all I get offered as help from the doctor's is Prozac!
I've been takeing Oil Of Evening Primrose some months I notice is does help slightly but it really isent enough.

I'm in the situation now I also cannot work also.


This also sounds like you could be suffering from panic attacks which can be exacerbated during the hormaonal changes of PMS.