The past year and a half my health has been in steady decline and it seemingly came out of the blue. No doctors are able to connect my symptoms, and I know there has to be a root cause, so I was hoping to get some ideas and maybe narrow it down through process of elimination.

It started with a pinched nerve near the cervical spine that caused my left arm to have limited mobility and sometimes extreme pain. Regained full mobility within weeks, but the pain spread to my other arm as well. Over the next few months I worked out the pain through breaking up muscle knots/trigger points in my arms through massage and stretching. After that sharper pain went away, I was left with tendonitis in my triceps. I also had severe left knee pain that i was able to significantly improve with massage of my calf. I have had two major eye infections and a prostate infection over the last year (didn't use the bad tendonitis-causing fluoroquinolones though). Dislocated right knee twice just from sitting cross legged. Basically, my joints are not working properly. Now I am left with golfer's elbow and triceps tendonitis in both arms, as well as plantar fasciitis in both feet.

My ANA and Lyme's tests both came back negative. I have always supplemented D3 and B12, but I added magnesium, zinc, manganese, and a silicon collagen builder called BioSil in the last couple of weeks. I am not protein deficient either ( I eat ~.7g/lb per day) and have not been overusing. In fact, it seems like these things come on and there's no way I can stop them even though I rest stretch and ice when I first notice the signs of injury.

Since it does not seem to be autoimmune, then all I can possibly think of is gluten. I have been gluten three for three weeks and haven't noticed much, though I know it usually takes longer. I am seeing a rheumatologist next week, and I will ask about blood tests for gluten even though I haven't been eating it. Should I just eat gluten in the next 6 days leading up to the test? Any other possible explanations- dairy or soy perhaps? I was vegan when this all started but I am now pescatarian and eat dairy and eggs. Thank you so much for your help! I am 23 by the way and used to be super active and adventurous so this has been a pretty lame year for me.