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Hi all.

I feel rather daft posting to an online forum, but since the 'answers' from the docs don't seem to be working for me...any port in a storm. If someone can even suggest a direction to explore I would be very greatful!

I have been being troubled for ages now by pain in what I believe is one of the shoulder ligaments. It is obviously of the pinching/repetative movement/tendonitis-y type, as I have had no major injury in the area, and while I first felt it last year Aug, it disappated for a few months only to come back now.

At my appointment , the doctor suggested ARC ligament inflamation and perscribed anti inflammatories, with a repeat this round. The anti inflamatories have proved useless and provided little to no relief...and although the collarbone click seems to be most often associated with arc joint problems, this doesn't seem to address the major source of tension at all or explain the area in pain. Nor do I think my arc join is actually disturbed.

Firstly, I do have a deep clunking click from the collarbone. It is rare moving back or down; very mild and occasional on directly forward or straight up [shrugging]; consistant, deep and usually a double click on backward rotation; occasionally but not always on forward rotation too.

Accompanying it often comes a sharp fast 'twinge' that seems to be a ligament/tendon held somewhere within the triangle of clavicle and scapular. It sometimes takes a little strain when lifting above the head, but doesn't significantly hamper this movement. Again, away and back to the side and backwards movements of the arm seem fine, directly upwards to shoulder height in front can some twinge a little, but the majority of pain comes on rotation, especially forward. Weight bearing does make it worse when it occurs.

This 'twinge' is occasional for the most part, though sometimes it generally aches. However, I have almost constant tension/dragging pain from a point that appears to have nothing to do with any of this, although it clearly does!

If you run your fingers over the 'ridge' at the top of the scapula [over the back of the shoulder and right in towards the spine], and then slide down an inch or so, you hit the spot that seems to be in almost constant tension. It feels uncomfortable and unrelaxed at all times, almost as if someone was gathering skin and muscle up at this point and pulling backward too tightly. It particularly /seems/ like there is a pull from the point of the shoulder back to here, though I don't think it is the actual case! Something at this point over the scapula is clearly a little pinched or swollen, as there is a clicky/crunching feeling if you press down on it that isn't present at the same spot on the other side. Massage in the area seems to relax it, but it quickly resumes the feeling of constant tightness.

This dull dragging ache is driving me nuts. Anytime I sit up or forward, there is the feeling as though it is dragging on this point over the whole scapula and upper back, which only relaxes if I am leaning directly back in the chair or lying down. Any activity requiring use of the arm while sitting causes general pain/a feelina almost as though the joint is rotated forward even when it isn't particularly. Naturally, computer use, typing etc are the worst. No matter how I vary the arm position...from directly down on my lap to straight out on the desk ahead/sideways etc, it feels the same. Trying to sleep on that side results in a dreadfully uncomfortable compressed and pinched feeling in the same area. It simply never feels as though the shoulder area is relaxed at all.

To the best of my knowledge, the arc ligament actually lay nearer the point of the shoulder then any of the symptoms here. Sometimes there is a bruise like pain in the area if I push down there, but it doesn't seem to be linked. If it isn't referal [or imagination], when the tendon pinch occurs it runs from the same spot of the scapula through to the collar bone, a few inches higher then my understanding of the arc ligament. I presume some of this pain is reffered and not at point of origin, but I don't know.

For what it is worth, this is my mouse hand but /not/ my dominant hand. I have no problems at all in the other side. I am female and in my mid twenties.

It really is proving very dehabilitating, and if anyone can suggest any further possabilities for causes or rehabilitation you would have my gratitude.


Hello.  Your discomfort sounds like what I used to experience.  I finally described the pain to my chiropractor and was told that one of my ribs under the scapula needed to be adjusted.  It was an amazing result. It took a few days and a few adjustments before the discomfort was gone.   My chiroprator did an adjustment between my scapula and spine and it worked.  So now whenever I start to experience any discomfort I go in for an adjustment instead of waiting until the muscles are inflammed.  By the way, the pain radiants through my back into my chest an into my breast. Keep in mind that it's not extreme pain, just a dull, nagging pain.  Good Luck.