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For over a year now, I've been having diarrhoea and constipation occasionally, however, in the past month it got worse and now it's even worse. I've been having water like diarrhoea, stomach growling, extreme bloating and pain. Whatever I eat, I end up with horrible pain that even goes up to my rib cage (sometimes). I ate some yoghurt yesterday and an hour later ended up with such diarrhoea that it almost made e vomit. Few days ago, I even noticed some red spots in stool. I did stop eating dairy which improved the situation a little bit, but it's still bad.I have a really crappy doctor as after telling him about this, he gave me antibiotics from UTI, which I don't have! Without any examination or tests! Also, I can't seem to get any appointment as they taking the piss and saying that I need to call the surgery at a certain time and when I do, they say you're too late. It's very frustrating and I'm in pain..Does anyone please tell me whats wrong with me? I'm really desperate for an answer.


Have you tried taking any lactaid pills, maybe you are lactose intolerant.  Try that for awhile right before eating your dairy products.  Also, do you eat a lot of wheat products?  Maybe you could be gluten sensitive or have Celiac disease.  Both not alarming and easily treatable.