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My vagina has been discharging clear watery fluid that does not look like normal discharge, which usually is kinda thick and goey. This discarge would just flow out of me for like 3 days and make my underwear really wet. It almost looked like pee, but the smell was not pee, but more musty and kinda like female ejaculation fluid. It was kinda like having a period, but without the blood.
I also had an insane itch around the outer lips and around the opening to the vagina.

I bought an over the counter yeast infection package with a pill you put in the vagina and some cream for the itching. The symptoms with the oozing of watery fluid went away pretty fast, but I am still stuck with some itching. Now the itch has moved to under the hood of the clitoris and it's red and itchy on one side of it.

3 days before these symptoms occured I had penetration by a finger and some saliva was involved as well, although not an insane amount (just enough to lube up for rubbing of cltoris). I am hoping it's only a yeast infection and not some STD!


It's highly unlikely you got an std from saliva. You should really go see a doctor if the OTC yeast infection medication is not working and the itching keeps getting worse.