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for the past three weeks ive been really itchy down there in general not in a focused area, it became a very bright red not long after the itching becan, and was sort of tender, 5 days ago i tried to have sex and it hurt more than anything in the world.

it stung and burned and felt like i was being torn (not in the way it feels to lose virginity, this was different [ lost virginity a year ago])

today i noticed swelling on my inner labia, it hurts and became ver thick, there is also a point where it feels like the skin has split, that area is moist and makes me feel as if it is oozing a liquid, that could be paranoia.

im finished high school now(only just recently) and have always had a slightly strong smelling yellowish discharge since grade 6, i used to worry about it, but i began to just figure its normal for women.

the smell of the discharge has changed somewhat, but not much i might just be imagining it.

im worried i may have an STI, i don't know how that would be possible since me and my boyfriend have only ever been with each other(known for certain)

im hoping this may just be a yeast infection.

i really don't want to have to see a doctor. it will raise questions with my mother i don't want to answer.

any info you can provide would be good.

does this sound like a yeast infection? or something more serious.?

thankyou for helping.


SOunds kinda like an infection. Buy some vagisil and try to treat it, stay away from sex. if nothing happens then you should go see a doctor