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Hey there!

Well, i need help with what i've been feeling for the past few days

My vagina has been itching, and when i felt it to see why so, i felt a few pimples, when i scratch them they bleed, no white puss, just blood comes out of the pimples. I sept with my boyfriend the other day, but i felt this after i wore noncotton underwear.

So step number one, stop wearing non cotton undwerwear
I just need to know if this is related to shaving or me sleeping with my boyfriend or not.
And how do i deal with it?
I stopped itching, and i keep runninng water over the itchy spot.
Oh and if i itch and pee right after, it burns.

What else is there for me to do?

Thank you in advance :-)


If you shave, the "pimples" could be ingrown hairs, that can bleed when picked at, do you notice if there is a piece of hair that comes out when you scratch?
I have not experienced ingrown hairs itching, they hurt...

Itching in general could also be from shaving and scratching often or hard can cause vaginal swelling, which may be the reason for the painful urination...

Have you noticed any unpleasant odor, drainage or pain?

The best thing is to see your doctor to rule out a STD or some other type of infection...

*Best of Luck*


Sounds like you have vaginal warts. 3 days ago I had the same symptoms. A day later I was diagnosed with HPV