For about a year or two now, I have experienced a strange sensation at random intervals. While sitting at a restaurant, walking around town, or in just about any situation, I get this very uncomfortable feeling in my head. To start, it is almost like a feel a click, or a switch flipped, or something being knocked; second, My head slowly starts to spin, my view is distorted and somewhat turned upside down, outside noises are muffled, and I have zero coordination or ability to walk a straight line. Slowly, my vision recorrects after about 30 seconds to a minute; However, I continue to feel extremely light headed and ill and light sensitive for about an hour. I have been looking all over online and have found nothing to fit my description! Anyone know what it could be?

A couple things that could correlate: I have been diagnosed with chronic headaches and recently have started taking a beta-blocker for such; I get migraines from time to time; Every once in a while (especially after the aforementioned dizzy spells) I can feel a pain sensation in my brain; its as if there is a spot "inside" my brain that I can point to that is just not feeling right.

Please help!