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o.O ok so I'm confused lol I started my period june 3 and ended june 9th the doc had me start my clomid june 10th and finished it on june 14th it was late but he said to try it this month anyway next month if I don't conceive I will be taking clomid days 5-9 of my cycle now my first question is when should I expect my period. Should I go by my last pill of clomid or should I go by my last mense which would be the 29th of june I would start.

If I am to go by my last pill of clomid when should my period come.

And now I don't know if this is signs of pregnancy and if I should take a test

I am tired very tired I've never felt like this before I am awake for like two hours and then I want to nap. I have lower abdomen pressure back aches headaches and leg cramps. Starting of last night my nipples are sore to the touch. My breast arent sore but they are achey. Please help


Hi newbride, I think that what you should go off and I'm not entirely sure of this so you should perhaps want to check with your doctor just to be sure but I think tha tyou should be going off of your last menses. I am not totally sure so hopefully someone else has some insight into this but I think that you should be going off that. How is everything going? Please keep me posted, okay?