I am a 28 year old female. I was admitted into hospital in September last year after waking one morning with a cold weak heavy dead arm which began turning blue over the course of the morning. I was put on iv heparin after it was suspected i could have a clot and over the course of the week my arm improved. Prior to being admitted i had experieced lower back and neck pain. since being discharged i have no feeling or movement in the 4th and 5th fingers on my left hand, i experience a weakness in my left arm along with intermittent shooting pains in the wrist and arm and often a dull ache. I have had various tests done, nerve conduction, mri, ct scan, angiogram and so far nothing has been clearly explained to me. i have been told i have nerve root compromise, emerging c6 and c7 vertebrae and a cut off supply of blood to my fingers which cannot be improved. i seem to be getting no where in my health improving as i now experience similar in my right arm also with intermittent weakness. i suffer with headaches regularly and have a constant pain in my neck which leads up the back of the head. the right hand also tends to turn blue at times and both my hands are very cold 99% of the time. i experience pins and needles up the entire laft and right arm regularly also, do you have any idea why and will it ever improve as i have been unable to return to work because of the severity of my case.

thanx leanne