The most recognizable signs of the bacterial infection that can cause meningitis and blood poisoning were rash and developing an aversion to light. However, British doctors point to the signs that appear even seven to ten hours before these.
According to the parents and medical notes of 448 infected children, theses are leg pain and cold hands and feet.

The doctors report that these early signs should be taken seriously in order to be able to give the infected child life-saving antibiotic treatment.
If these symptoms were promoted to both parents and doctors, the potential benefits could be huge but there is also a slight risk of harm.

he danger of warning the public about leg pains as emergency is that these symptoms also occurred with less serious illnesses.

The following are the symptoms that children might develop after being infected: early leg pain (that develops 7 hours after infection), diarrhoea (9 hours), abnormal skin colour (10 hours), cold hands and feet (12 hours), classic rash (13 hours), neck pain or stiffness (13 hours), light sensitivity (15 hours), late confusion or delirium (16 hours) and unconsciousness (22 hours).