Three days ago, I had a liver cleanse.  I take milk thistle daily and wait for the cleanse to happen.  I have had plenty of cleanses in the past, and after those cleanses, I didn't have any problems.  However, after the cleanse two days ago, I've been having this slight pain in my stomach.  The pain is around the belly button area.  I do NOT have any back pains or pains in the upper chest area.

I don't have any dry mouth, so I don't think it's parasites.  I've dealt with those in the past, so I know the symptoms.

There is one thing that I did differently compared to the cleanses in the past.  Normally, I would feel some pain in my stomach and notice that my liver is flushing out all that bad stuff, and I would head for the bathroom.  However, this time, it was late at night and I didn't feel a tendency to head there, so I just went to sleep.  The next morning, I did go to the bathroom and all that leftover c**p came out of me.  I ended up using the bathroom two times more that day, cleansing more of my system.  I was surprised by how much came out of me.  At night time, I went to weigh myself.  Normally, I weigh around 115 lbs...imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and it said 97 lbs.

The pain has been getting slightly better over the days, but I would have expected it to be gone by now.

I'm thinking about doing a gallstone cleansing.