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I'm having an issue that started about 6 months ago where my throat swells up, feels like I cant breath, then my heart starts racing and feels like its beating really hard,and then feels like after i take a breath, i cant seem to get all of the air out. I start feeling like I'm having a panic attack and the whole world starts to come down on me. I've called an ambulance twice ,once it made my while body get hot and my hot body started tingling and go numb. I can't seem to lay down, it makes it was worse. I started out thinking it was sickness from being exposed to mold in a house trailer I bought, then next started thinking it was anxiety attacks, now I've been told it is not likely my thyroids can someone please please help me if you know anything about what's going on with me. I am a 30 old mother and wife who has been through a lot of stress and dramatic changes in the past two years. 

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Did you ever find anything out? I have similar symptoms.