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While I was ironing my shirt this morning, I suddenly felt extremely cold and went into a cold sweat. I also felt dizzy and had to lie down for a few minutes to recover. In no time a gland in the left side of my neck swelled up and a very small one just below the right side of my jaw started to become tender an hour after that. I must have an infection somewhere but can't think where as I have experienced good health for the last 7 years and has only been to the doctor for medicals for work related issues. I am very worried but can't see myself going to the doctor at this point in time and get bad news. Any advice?


Update: An hour later I started developing a rash on my chest. I went to work however. Later on the evening I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I had CHICKEN POX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was booked off for 16 days as I work with kids (4 - 10 year old). One of them probably infected me. Most of the scabs has now dried and fallen off.

I was given an antibiotic to prevent complications. A tablet to reduce the iching. A multivitamin to boost my energy levels and resistance. Calamine lotion and Fusibact ointment. Now I am using MEBO ointment to reduce the marks. Let me know what your opinion is. By the way, I am 38 years old!!!!!!!!