Hi all. its my first time on this site.

I have been in Spain for the last 4 days, on day 2 I got a little rash on my thighs but put it down to heat rash as didn't feel (and still don't) feel unwell but by day 3 my whole body was covered in tiny red spots all over! My face is especially bad, the spots are every where and my whole face was swollen, making it very difficult for me to open my eyes. I went to a local Spanish doctor and in pigeon English told me I had chicken pox, prescribed a cream and anti-histemines (or however u spell it) and administered an injection to prevent the itching (they may as well have injected ice-cream for the good it did)... :-(
I came home today and went to my local GP and he has no idea what it is, he gave me 5 steroids to take daily for 5 days and more anti-histemines(!!!!)
They seem to have calmed the swelling in my face but the spots are still very visible and am worried of scarring so have covered myself with calamine lotion..
Has anyone any idea of what it may be or how I can prevent scarring?

Many Thanks if ye can assist and if not thanks for taking the time in reading this.