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I used to have a drinking problem where i would get drunk basically every single day (this lasted in phases, but for about 2 years). I got sober 6 months ago. And honestly, these last six months have been the happiest of my life...

Last night it was my birthday and I decided to have a few cocktails, ended up having too much of course (because i don't know my limits anymore). I went home early because I was too drunk, fell asleep, and this morning I woke up with the most terrible feeling. Not hungover in the physical sense, but very depressed/ashamed (for no logical reason) and I feel like i could cry at any moment.

I'm familiar with this post-drinking depression, In fact, it happened pretty frequently when I was drinking a lot. But at that point in my life, I was also depressed anyway (hence why I was drinking so much). This awful feeling, how do I make it stop? And why does it happen? Will I ever be able to drink again?


Hi Beck. Sorry I'm only reading your post now and I know it was from 2 weeks ago.

I am currently sober for three months. Ive been struggling with my drinking since the age of 15 years old (I'm 29 now). And I've been trying to give it up for the last 4 years of my life. In those four years I'd go weeks or even months without a drink. However they call that a dry drunk. Where you are still miserable and kinda empty inside. My longest dry was 11months which I only did for my husband too be honest. I just didn't wanna hear his nagging. So I was nothing but angry and resentful. I currently attend AA meetings because I know I am a full blown alcoholic. It took me a very long time to admit that to myself. But after years of thinking I could control the amount of drinks I have, I came to realize I never did or could. I'd have two jack & cokes, and pretend I was happy with that. Mind you all I could think was "How can I get the next one, and how can I hide it from my husband". Very sick thought process I know. But thats alcholicism. I elarned just because you do not drink everyday all day doesn't mean you do not have a problem. I don't want to tell you that's your problem. You have to come to that conculison on your own terms. However try to go to a meeting in your area if you think you might have a problem. Go with an open mind and see if it brings anything to your attention about yourself. I was very nervous at my 1st meeting and kinda lost. But being there was better than drowning in my fears. Take it one day at a time and do not beat yourself up. No one is perfect remember to put down the bat and pick up the feather. Best of luck.