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Users comments and reviews on article Low Carb Diet Recipes by Dr. Shelley Narula



I have actually used low carb diets to get a jumb start on losing weight in the past.  I have used Atkins for 2 weeks and consistently lost 15 pounds. Then as suggested I reintroduce carbs slowly to find out when I gain weight and reorient my diet around that.  I found that this works quite well with very little effort on my own.  I tend to low veggies and woul prefer to eat a whole bowl in one sitting and nothing than that.  That makes the first two weeks on this diet a little difficult you me.  More protein then veggies.  By the end of the second week, I don't want to see any more meat.  But, I manage and it gets me back on track again.  Slowly but surely I begin to gain weight again and go back to Atkins but it takes severals for that to happen.  I do like the fact that premade shakes are available that I can keep with me and have one anytime I like.  If there is a better way, please let me know.  I eat fruit everyday but very little to keep the sugar down.  But, I just can't resist the leaf greens (all of them) and eat a ton of them.  I just don't seem to get enough.  I eat very little bread but I do splurge from time to time on hard crusted yeast breads and I use an olive oil dip with herbs.  Any suggestions about other low carb diets would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.