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Hi, guys. I am little overweight and I must do something with this. I was thinking of trying with fruit diet. Many people recommended it to me. Do you know something more about it? I would appreciate if you could tell me if there were some side effects. Thank you for answering.


Hello irina,

Fruit is wonderful, but if your overweight this may not be a good idea.  Fruit is full of sugar.  When you take in excess sugar you body stores it as fat.  I don't think you want that.  I would suggest a low-carb diet (low sugar) and high protein.  This will help you maintain muscle (won't lose protein on the diet) and burn the fat which is stored in your body for fuel becaue you have very little sugar available. (low-carb diet).  Atkins diet does this and the diet comes with premade delicious shakes.  Try this for two weeks and you will lose 15 pounds.  I know I've done it.  I use this diet to jump start with so I have results immediately.  Then I gradually reintroduce carbs into my diet and see how much I can bring in and not gain weight.