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I keep having high FBG and A1c and I am on a low-carb diet??  What gives??  I would thinkn that being on Atkins would take care of these numbers as I am obviously not taking in a lot of carbs.  This is fricking ridiculous!  Can someone explain to me why this would be happening?  I have not told my doctor about my diet because she would probably be mad that I am not following the diet she told me to follow.  Well, I think her diet had too many carbs in had 15-30 grams in the morning, 15 for each snack, and 45-60 grams for the other two meals.  Waaaaay too much.  On Atkins, you start out at 15-20 grams FOR THE DAY.  BIG DIFFERENCE. All that hard work, though, and I am still getting high numbers.  I have lost some weight so that is good.  I hope to lose some more as time goes on.  Has anyone else done Atkins as a diabetic and had their numbers come up high like mine?  Did you figure out why?


Your problem is that you are on a low-carb diet.  A diet like the Atkins is not safe for you as a diabetic.  Your high blood sugars are from your liver’s attempt to put extra glucose in your bloodstream.  But eventually, these reserves will be depleted and you will experience hypoglycemia or worse, diabetic ketoacidosis. Please reconsider going back on your diabetic meal planning.  This will benefit you and is much healthier for you.  You will find that your blood sugars will regulate and come back to normal if you eat the carbs you are allotted and exercise daily.  You will not have to deprive yourself of fruit and other types of carbs that have the needed vitamins you need to stay healthy.