I recently had my first miscarriage about a month ago after 3 healthy pregnancies. A few days ago I was doubled over with the worse pain I have ever felt in my pelvic/lower abdominal area, & back. Caused the shakes and vomiting. Husband took me to the ER and they dismissed it and sent me home with pain killers. The severe pain lasted about 3 hours. My family dr scheduled an ultrasound at the hospital the next day. The radiologist report states that they found a round mixed hypoechoic and echogenic focus on the left ovary suspected complex cyst measuring 3.6cm with free fluid in the pelvis. Endometrium not thickened. Ovaries and uterus normal size. Highly recommends follow up exam with gyno which I have in 2 days. This cyst was not detected in any ultrasounds 3 weeks prior during my miscarriage. Can anyone please give me some in sight on what to expect with a complex cyst on your ovaries. Does it require surgery and can this be the cause of all my symptoms :abdominal bloating, fatigue, cramps, and back ache? Thank you! Just a bit concerned.