Hi, I had a large ovarian cyst removed from my right ovary 6 weeks ago. On top of still having all the same symtoms now as before the cyst was removed by keyhole surgery, I still haven't gotten my period. So I still have all the cyst symtoms ; pelvic pain, stabbing pain, swollen belly, peeing all the time, night sweats as well as added new symptoms that I'm putting down as surgery recovery, eg; stitch-like pain. Anyone been through the same situation? Heading on holidays in a few weeks and terrified something is wrong and that I shouldn't be going away! Was already at Post op check up and was told by surgeon that is probably normal and they will do further ultrasounds/tests in 3 months if I'm still the same then. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, fed up of feeling lousy! Thanks, Fro