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Can ovarian cyst cause bleeding? Because i got my period on Jan.28 2013 and now is Feb 14 and usually my period lasts for 1 week but today i just went to the toilet to pee and i saw blood stains..Also .. I've got this pain on my lower back near my pelvic bone on the right at the back.. I'm only 14 .. is it possible i have ovarian cyst?

I did a few more research and PIDS came out or as known as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.. Fever (not always present; may come and go)Pain or tenderness in the pelvis, lower abdomen, or sometimes the lower backVaginal discharge with abnormal color, texture, or smell..

Im only 14 and dont know what i've been going thru for the past 3 days.


Hoping you've received some medical advice on this by now - but in case not:

When I had a cyst (and I have another one now) it does give strange symptoms that are often confused for other things. I had a lot of pressure in the lower abdominal area, cramps and pain that came and went. Sometimes it felt like I had a kidney stone, other times like having an appendicitis attack. Ovarian cysts, especially when they start to grow, can be painful.


Blood stains and infrequent or unusual periods are also apparently quite characteristic. I actually had a period that lasted a year, followed by nothing after having the last cyst removed (it grew to a tremendous size).


Best thing is to have your doctor monitor it and treat it if it grows more or changes at all.